My animal inquiry is about kakapo I did this because kakapo
are my favrout animal but I did not know mutch about them so I
so I did my reasearchon them . I learnt lots about them I leant they
sleep in rabbit holes and hollo thees.

On Sunday I had trials for the Otago team in soccer. I had lots of fun .
I got in to the Otago team I was tired after the trials
but it was exciting.
I am the gole keeper their were lots other gole keepers. soccer is one of my favrit sport
It was a chaleng for me but it was lots of fun.

Metallica is a friendly robot he has a space ship that is small and fast he zooms around plants in it ,and he lives in a old space ship. He has lots of friends called Tim and bob he likes to play with them. He has a body like a baked been can he has a door in the middle of his body. He has springs for legs and feet like gumboots. He has a poplars on his head he has short little arms with hands.

By Alex.

On friday we had mrs Baines we did some art it was really fun. We closed our eyes and drew 30 dots on some paper. Then we made the dots like a dot to dot drawing.Once we had connected the dots together we were told to give our ( so far doodled) creature monster features. Most of us made monsters from the crazy to the unspeakible. Mine looked like a dragon and Jacks looked like scorpion it was really fun. Jack did two and I did one. It was fun having Mrs Baines.

1. Kakapo means night parrot.
2. The kakapo is the worlds heaviest parrot it weighs as much as a human baby.
3. The kakapo has whiskers.
4. Kakapo used to be every in New Zealand.
5. Kakapo smell like honey and flowers.
6. Kakapo sleep in day and come out at night.
7. A kakapo can weigh 4 KG.
8. The kakapo is nocturnal.
9. The kakapo measures about 60 CM.