Today im taking piano leasons its a tiny piano green piano though. My teacher said she is bringing a suprise and show us at the end of school. its lunch time and I accidentilly pushed her but she did not belive me i was so sorry then she was ok.The bell rang and Mrs K showed us a pretend rocket and it exploded it was so on the bus to go home, I ask dad if i can go to my friends house and they said I can sleep over.We played for most of the night.


My grandparents are important because they love and care for me. Since my grandparents live in Omar I don’t get to see them as much as I would like, so when I visit, we spend endless time with each other. Grandparents are also inportant because they teach us. My grandparets play games and do lots of activitys with me. My favourite thing we do is go to the beach and tell stories. I know they love me and i love them. We have to spend as much time with them because they wont be around very long. I love grandparents.