The Amazing School Fair

I was racing to the soak a senior realizing that Tyrin was on. I wanted to soak him. I picked up the ball and aimed carefully. Sadly I missed. I got another ball and aimed steadily. Missed. Last chance to soak Tyrin. This time I was determined to get him. I grabbed the ball, took a deep breath and I got him. I was pleased. I got a mini Moro Gold.

I got out my money and bought four tickets for the Tombola. I was feeling lucky. I went in and won myself a Moro. I really wanted to win a scooter but I didn’t get it. I kept on trying and I ended up giving up because I wasn’t winning anything good. I love the Tombola.

The fair was a big hit and ex pupils even came to check it out. A minus about the fair was that I got really sun burnt. I wish the lines were a lot smaller.