27/07/12 soccer olly whites lost to Belarus 1-0

29/07/12 rowing NZ, hamish bond and Eric Murray won the qualifying heat beating the world record by 6 seconds

29/07/12 hockey the womens NZ team have beat Australia in a pool match 1-0

30/07/12 swimming Lauren Boyle came 8th in the 400m freestyle final

30/07/12 soccer NZ drew with Egypt 1-1

30/07/12 swimming Gareth kean came 8th in the 100m backstroke semi final

30/07/12 hockey the NZ men black sticks lost to Korea 2-0

31/07/12 equestrian NZ team eventing won bronze

31/07/12 hockey NZ women's hockey team beat South Africa 4-1

1/08/12 soccer the NZ women soccer team has beat Cameroon 3-1 and now through to the quarter finals vs U.S.A

1/08/12 Rowing hamish bond and Eric Murray have got into the finals coming 1st in the semi finals

1/08/12 Rowing womens pair rowing team, Juiliet haigh and Rebecca Scown got bronze.

1/08/12 hockey the NZ mens hockey team had there first win against India 3-1

2/08/12 rowing storm uru and Peter Taylor pairs double sculls have got into the final coming second in the semi finals

2/08/12 rowing Cohen Nathan and Sullivan Joseph got a gold medal in the doubles

3/08/12 swimming in the women's 800m freestyle Lauren Boyle has got into the semi finals

3/08/12 rowing Hamish bond and Eric Murray got a gold medal

3/0812 rowing Mahe Drysdale got a gold medal

3/08/12 cycling mens team pursuit won a bronze medal

3/08/12 swimming Lauren Boyle came 4th in the 800m freestyle

4/08/12 rowing Storm Uru and Peter Taylor got a bronze medal

5/08/12 Hockey NZ men's team drew with Belgium 1-1

5/08/12 running in the 1500m Nick Willis is into the final

6/08/12 hockey the NZ women's team drew with Germany 0-0

7/08/12 cycling in track cycling Van Velthooven got a bronze medal

8/08/12 running Nicholas Willis has came 9th in the final

8/08/12 sailing Peter Buring and Blair Tuke have won a silver medal

9/08/12 hockey Netherlands beat NZ in the semi final 3-1 in penalty shoot-out but will get a bronze medal shot from whoever lost in the other semi final

10/08/12 bmx Sarah walker has got a silver medal

10/08/12 sailing the doubles jo aleh and Olivia owirie have got a gold medal

11/08/12 canoe sprint Lisa Carrington has got a gold medal

14/08/12 shot put Valerie Adams as got upgraded to first place because the gold medallist failed a drugs test