15 - 2 - 2012
Hi there,
Tonight I read this fantastic post from another teacher. Her slide show is a very good example of how to post quality comments on blog posts. I will be sharing it with the class as we prepare for blogging sessions with families.

12 - 2 - 2012
What a SENSATIONAL day we had today. We are up and running with our reading/spelling and writing routines. I spent a lot of time last year and over the summer break learning about an exciting literacy programme called Daily 5 and CAFE. Daily 5 involves 5 literacy components each day, reading to self, reading to someone - peer and teacher, working on vocabulary/sounds alive, writing and listen to reading! CAFE is an extension of this involving C - Comprehension, A - Accuracy, F - Fluency, and E - expanding vocabulary. A key component of the programme is extensive reading. To make this possible each learner needs a literacy kit! Finally I have been able to obtain a kit for each learner - the Warehouse has been sold out repeatedly by teachers throughout NZ who are using this programme. The kit belongs to your learner and costs $5.00, which you can send in when you are able. Please see me if this creates any concerns. To see this programme in action, please see our post on the blog!
Daily 5 in action
I had tears of joy today when I saw the class engaged, actively learning at their own pace around the class. We are now ready to introduce a couple of new learning spaces.... Please watch this space....

8 - 2 - 2012
It was fantastic to meet with parents tonight and discuss our learning journey! We will use this section of the wiki to share class notices and keep you up to date with our learning.

These suggestions can help you when you are commenting on our blog:
  • Introduce yourself & where you’re from
  • Comment on the content of the blog post
  • Make a suggestion if appropriate
  • Ask a question
  • Always write in correct format – not SMS type language
We love comments - it really adds to our learning experience. I can't wait to share another voice message with the class tomorrow!

I have added an email subscribe button to our blog. If you fill this out you will be emailed updates on our blog!

I will discuss with the learners tomorrow your thoughts on the A-Z mission. I will let you know their thoughts!

I am attaching the welcome letter I gave the learners for your information.

Below is the presentation I shared tonight. I really value your feedback and ask that you keep me informed of your thoughts about our learning environment. I have added an email link to the blog so you can sign up to receive updates via email. We really do value your contribution to our class programme.