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Our shared story for parents and learners to add to.....

This page is ours to share our hopes, dreams and aspirations for our two day adventure...

I can't wait to see this page grow as we share our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations, our challenges, our commitments for the adventure!

Follow are some of my ideas for celebrating this two day adventure:
  • Overwhelming request by learners and families for a Museum Sleepover;
  • Class socialising and bonding early in the year;
  • Reward for commitment to our learning journey;
  • Celebration of our learning and classroom community;
  • Exploration of opportunities in Dunedin;
  • Continuation of student-driven learning opportunities;
  • SPCA visit as part of our animal community inquiry;
  • Chingford Park and Baldwin Street as physical challenges;
  • Botanical Gardens - celebration of talent with concert in the Band Rotunda - celebration of talent and acknowledgement of parental support;
  • Bird Aviaries - as part of our animal community inquiry
  • Museum Sleepover - education programmes aligned to support animal community inquiry;
  • Moana Pool - physical activity and challenge;
  • FUN
As I have said, you will get out what you put in. Start thinking now about what will challenge you and what you want to achieve. Who will you support? Who will support you? Who will you get to know better? How will we all make sure everyone has a wonderful time?

I am off on a tour of our journey now... Check back later in the day for some photos...

I want to achieve my goal of walking up and down Baldwin Street. It will be so much fun on the Museum Sleepover. I can't wait until we go yo the Botanical Gardens and the on night walk. Actually I love EVERYTHING about the class trip. I hope that this will be lots of learning and good experience for us all.- Michaela

Thanks for adding your ideas Michaela. I am very excited about the learning too Michaela and of course the fun.

My challenge is to walk up and down Baldwin Street twice, I think this will be very challenging as this street is the steepest in the world. I am also looking forward to going to the SPCA to see all the cute animals and learn even more about our topic this term- 'The Animal Community' I think I will go on the NIGHT WALK........ Two years ago it was fun but when the adults popped out of nowhere it gave you a bit of a fright! I will probably do this again. Zara

Thanks for adding to our page Zara. I sure do remember how scary it was two years ago. I think we will need to have a really good talk to the adults this time. I am sure it will not be as scary, even though we are going on a brand new night walk to a different spot in the museum....

I really enjoyed touring around our planned trip today. I think you will all love the open spaces, playing fields, and playground at Chingford Park.
I know that Baldwin Street will be a challenge. I am really looking forward to our time at the SPCA and the gardens.
I didn't take any photos while I was out. You will have to wait and see it all on Thursday and Friday. Yay, only 4 sleeps to go!

I cant wait! I am a little bit nervous about the tarantulas in the butterfly house though :(
I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited about walking up and down and up and down Baldwin street.I am defintley going! on the night walk :)
Yay Mia, I am really looking forward to the whole adventure...

I can't wait until the museum sleepover. I wonder where I am gong to sleep. I hope I get to play in discovery world for a while before we go to bed. I can't wait till Thursday morning. The Challenge for me is to walk up Baldwin st at least 4 times. I am looking forward going to the SPCA. I can't wait to learn about taking care of different animal because our topic is animal community. I might try to get to know Mia because she has moved here so it would be nice. I am also going to challenge myself to go on the night walk again even though I was scared out of my socks the last time I went on it. It is going to great fun. I wish I have a nice time. Ciara
Hi Caira, I know you will have a wonderful time.

I am looking forward to the S.P.C.A and the Gardens and Chingford park. I am concerned about Baldwin St and the night Activities like the night walk. But I will go on the night walk because I want a challenge. I would like to know Mia better. By Janaya
Great work Janaya. I love that you are looking forward to the challenge of the night walk.

I am looking forward to walking up Baldwin street and going to see the butterflies because they are very cool and colourful. I'm concerned about going to the S.P.C.A because the animals will be loud. It will be a challenge to perform at the concert because I don't know what to do and who to go with. It will be fun when we go to the museum because we will do fun stuff and we will be able to explore it again. At the museum we will do very fun activities. I'm looking forward to knowing people more. By Mason
Yay Mason, I think the animals will be loud at the SPCA. I am really looking forward to the concert acts!

I am looking forward to the S.P.C.A the most. It is going to be so exciting. I am really looking forward to it. Laura
I am really looking forward to the SPCA too Laura.

I am really looking forward to go to the SPCA as last time I went was to get my cat Bella. I hope I am able to walk up Baldwin street 2 times Because I have never walked up Baldwin street. I am going to challange myself to do the night walk again. I would like to get to know Mia more because she only came to our school last year! I would like to have a nice peformance at the Botanic gardens. I can't think of what I would like best because I love it all!!!!!-Bridget :)
Yay Bridget, I love your enthusiasm. I am looking forward to it all too!

I am looking forward to going to Moana Pool because I haven't been there in a long long time. I am also looking forward to going to Baldwin St because I have never been there before. I am a bit concerned about the night walk because last time I got frightened. I am also a bit worried about going up and down Baldwin St because I do not know how steep it is. I am really looking forward to going to the museum. Lorie :)
Baldwin Street is very steep Lorie, but it is not a race, it is just a challenge! I am really looking forward to it too.

Karen - I am looking forward to the Museum too - I hope the tea is yummy and we get to see the Mummies in the dark cause I like the Mummy movies. Also I am glad I will be at work during the day because I have walked up Baldwin St before and have no intention of having sore legs like that again - my legs hurt for ages after. I am concerned that Lorie will want to bring yet another animal home when she goes to the SPCA.
Hi Karen, I am hoping none of us fall in love with any of the animals too. I know last time I went there I wanted to take lots of them home. Looking forward to the whole adventure. See you on Thursday night!

I am looking forward to going to the S.P.C.A and spending time with the class. My worries are that someone will be left behind somewhere..
I want to go on the night walk but not be frightened by the adults. I'm going to enjoy speding time with everyone but I also want to get to know them better. My goal is to learn about more animals at the S.P.C.A. Billy
Billy, we will check before we leave anywhere to make sure no-one gets left behind. You can relax about that! Maybe you can help us check everyone is in the right place.

I am looking forward to the SPCA and going to the museum to see the butterflies. I am excited because we are going Moana Pool and the gardens and going on the night walk. I want to get to know Bridget better. I am concerned about walking up and down Baldwin St. Brya
Brya, I am really looking forward to seeing the butterflies again too!

Thanks Mrs K for planning this great and wonderful sleepover. Thank you for planning all the interesting places where we could be as funky as we wanted to. Sam
Thank you Sam. It was my pleasure to organise and be a part of this wonderful adventure!