Make Your 2012 Avatar!
WALT: to create an avatar for our blog and to use when leaving comments, participating online with web tools such as Voice Thread. It is your online identity instead of using photographs of yourself.

Why should you have your own avatar?

Avatars are a representation of yourself.
1. Your avatar helps people to remember you. The combination of your name + original avatar is a unique and safe way to recognise people online!
2. Your avatar helps you to keep a certain amount of privacy about your identity online.

Most important is remember to save as a jpeg file.
Any age can use these avatar sites:

Step 2. Save your avatar as a jPEG.
  • Name your screenshot and Check the file type is a JPEG.
  • Make sure you save your avatar into Room 6 file in folder called “Avatars”.

Step 3. Upload avatar.
  • Our experts are going to help us all save our avatars to use for commenting.

Write a post describing your avatar.
  • How much does it look like you? What sort of personality does your avatar have? What makes it typically you?
  • Remember to include your avatar as an image in your post.