Hi there, I was so incredibly proud of you all on Friday. What an amazing learning journey. I would like you all to add a reflection on the assembly please. Just put your name and add your thoughts.

Mrs K - I thought the assembly was amazing. I was a little bit sad that the sound system didn't work properly. I was also sad that we ran out of time. I wish assemblies were longer or we had more each year. I love the way you all planned and worked and shared. You really are an amazing class to work with.

Ciara-The assembly was great fun but I though that we should of did so more of like moving around stuff like plays or dances in groups.I loved that room 4 had things to share they did so well and they sang the song like angles. I want to do another one now. I feel That i would like to make it longer because we did not get every thing fitted in to the time frame. I am sure our assembly was really good.I had a great time doing it i can't wait to the next one I hope we do lots of new and exciting things. I am positive that all the parents like it as well.I am very proud that I did not stuff up my words and make a bad impression.Anyway we tried are hardest so that's al that matters.

Laura- The assembly was awesome and it was great fun. I was sad that we didn't have time for the whole assembly and we had to cut it off but it doesn't matter because we all did great. The song were sung beautifuly. Room 4's posters about what they want to be when they are older were stunning I want to know who taught them to draw like that. My mum said that we all did great. We all tried our hardest. I am very proud of myself because I spoke nice and clearly but I thought I should've slowed down. The people who did the catepillar life cycle looked great in there costumes and Chelseas dance told the story how the butterfly flies away very confident. Well done Room 6 we did great.

Michaela- I loved the assembly it was so much fun even though it was a little bit muddily. I was a bit upset that we couldn't do the "Ma na ma na" song but we just didn't have enough time. Maybe we can talk about what we could of done better and work on that goal for next time. My goal is : knowing my part better and knowing when I will be on stage. But we all did a fantastic job anyway.

Anahera- I thought the assembly was awesome I really wanted to do the Muppet song at the end of our assembly but I guess we didn't have enough time. but our classes assembly was great I really enjoyed talking about the records and showing my art and my Caterpillar life cycle.I loved the art that people showed and the records that they also showed to every body they were fantastic! I was so nervous about talking in front of all those people but I got use to it after a while! I cant wait to see the other classes assembly and our next one if we even get time this year for another one! I cant wait!