Reflection on our BYOB Year
I am reporting to the BOT on Wednesday night about the successes and challenges of our BYOB year. Could you please all fill in the first survey and get your parents to fill in the second survey. You may wish to sit with your parents when they fill it in to discuss some of the questions. Thanks very much for the time you have taken to share your thoughts. I also need your thoughts on our Student led conferences to share with the BOT. If you have not completed the surveys for this could you please do so by 3pm on Wednesday. Thanks very much

BYOB Learner's survey

BYOB Parent's survey

Student Led Conference Learner's survey - Just Gracin, Sam, Georgia, Kaelen, Aaliyah, Thomas, Callum and Mia to complete please.

Student Led Conference Parent's survey - 18 families still to complete please.

Time for a stocktake... a reflection on where we are at in term 4 with BYOB...
We can read on them
We can get maths apps
We can type stories...
We can browse the internet
We can have fun while you learn
Learning online

How does it change our learning?

Having new ways to do blog comments..
We don't have to write with pen or use paper all the time...
Its a lot faster learning on here - we can use spell check, tapping letters is faster writing
Its easier than using a keyboard
Emailing directly to the blog rather than saving in blog notes
You can use different browsers
You can use powerpoint then transferred it to the blog using youblisher
We can use Prezi

Sometimes connection problems
Can run out of battery
If I forget my device I could miss out...
Forgetting your passcode or passwords
Arguments over access or downloading

Can't go on any games while we're learning - who controls - Mrs K?
Can't have age restriction
No games involving innapropriate content
Internet access 9am to 3pm
Individual username and password

Room 6 recommendations for free must-have apps...
sock puppets and puppet pals
passcode lock
what pad
show me
home design

solar walk

How do we cover the cost of apps
My pocket money
Save and buy itunes cards
Freedom - of parent supervision of downloading

How can we make this better...
Wifi always working
Never forget our devices
Permanent allowance from family to bring device to school
Reward of saving and buying a game
Could become lazy

Check out our movie! AWESOME effort Room 6! So proud of you all!

Communication Online!
On Wednesday night we have an evening for our parents and extended families to come along and learn about our blogs. We want to share with them why we blog, the benefits of blogging and teach them how to engage with the blogs by commenting. Thanks so much to all of you who have volunteered to be our commenting experts. We will work together tomorrow to make sure we are ready to teach quality commenting. I would like all of you to think about the following questions for our writing time on Monday.
What do you like about blogging?

How does blogging help you?

How do you feel when you get a comment on your blog post?

What would you like our families to know about our blogs?

Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recording you to make a short clip to share with our families.

Keeping Ourselves Safe!
We are having some amazing classes in Room 6. Today we talked a lot about internet access. Our challenge is to create some family rules for our devices and our internet acccess! Let's make posters tonight and email them to the blog! I wonder who will be first to post??? I wonder who remembers the three key words? Can you include them in your poster?

I wonder who will install Hector from Netsafe.. download here

Please talk this over with your family and make rules and guidelines together...

I hope you are all having an amazing holiday. I have been holidaying on the Coromandel Peninsula last week. I have been swimming lots!
Yesterday I had a workshop with the e-fellows and today I am at GAFE - which is Google Apps for Education Summit at Albany Senior High in Albany, Auckland. I am learning so much! I would love to hear from you and hear what you are up to. Is anyone visiting the school and taking photos? The latest I heard is that the move is scheduled for Wednesday!

Reminder: We all need to bring our costumes for Animal Antics dress rehearsal tomorrow!
Have you got your black pants and t-shirt? It might be a bit embarrassing standing on the stage in your school Uniform amongst the rest of the class who will be in costumes.-Michaela
Thank you all very much for our very successful student led conferences. It is always very valuable to look at our successes and challenges and share these with people who can support and encourage us. To build on the success of these conferences can you please fill out this form reflecting on your experience:

And get your adults to complete this form to share their experience and ideas for continuing this success!

Here is the music for our item - are you ready to audition???

We are planning our assembly for this Friday right here! Your homework tonight is to add to the assembly plan and be ready to share with the class tomorrow.

A little bit of MAGIC to share with you from Cromwell today! I am at an AMAZING educamp Here are some amazing FRACTION games for you to have fun with today!
Language lesson today - apostrophe!Today we are learning about how and why to use an apostrophe. Practice here!

What an amazing visit to the Observatory! Share all of your thoughts, reflections, discoveries, questions and more right here! Our Observatory Trip!
Hi there! It is great to see the adventures out in space are going so well. I love the NASA badges! I hope you are all working as teams to complete your webquest! How exciting that we go to the Beverley Begg Observatory on Wednesday night!

How exciting to be astronauts setting off on our webquest...Have you created a page for your venture?Let's keep all of our learning together in a space page!I wonder which group will be the first to complete their badge and be ready to head off out into space?How much new learning can take place in this webquest? Are you ready to take all of this information and prepare a postcard from your planet and an Ignite talk with 20 slides, showing for 15 seconds each? A six minute presentation!
space webquest.JPG


Our SPACE wonderings....I am sooooooo excited to see the Google Doc growing with our wonderings....
Apps we are using! We have started a page to share the apps we are using. It is very exciting to see that you are adding to this wonderful resource already.

Starting term 3 with a new and exciting idea for collaboration! Each week we could have a focus in a range of areas for us to work together to co-construct a learning resource. I have chosen for the first week and you can all choose each week after this.Musical artist of the week - The Topp Twins Tiki TaneArtist of the week - Ralph Hotere Reuben PatersonPoet of the week - Cilla McQueen Mrs DykesWriter of the week - Kyle Mewburn Margaret MahySportsperson of the week - Valerie Adams Hugo InglisLet's see what sort of a page we can build to learn more about each of these very talented people. Let's see if we can find out what made them follow their dreams. Remember - we must put the information in our own words.
Just for fun - check out this HUGE range of videos - very cool learning here! Check out some of the space videos! What really interests you? What will you research and inquire about?

10 am start today - black ice! Please let others know!

  • We got to talk about what was happening ourself
  • It was a little bit freaky
  • I found out a lot

I can't wait to see our animal inquiry document grow and grow.... How can we help each other learn....
Three way conferences: This Wednesday and Thursday we are having our three way conferences. This is an opportunity for us to share our learning journey with our families. We have prepared our goals and next steps to share with our families. It is really important we come along to the conference to share our learning.

What an amazing trip to the Art Gallery today! You are very creative clay modelers! I will upload the photos of your creations and you can copy it, or save it and add it to your page to write about! The photos will be in the page clay animalsI have also added an amazing range of writing resources to a new page Writing I can't wait to see who is the first to work on some of these sites...
Who will be first to add to the page of ideas for our animal inquiry ???

PentecostAs we move towards Pentecost let's share our ideas and knowledge about this very important celebration.

It is only 4 sleeps til our HUGE adventure, MUSEUM SLEEPOVER. I have created a page for you to add your aspirations, hopes and dreams for the two days... You will get out of our two day adventure what you put in. Let's make it a MAGICAL experience for us all...
Hi there, we have not been able to sort out the Moodle site for our ANZAC online learning so Caroline has created an amazing wiki for us to continue our ANZAC journey. Please visit it and add to it. This will be one of our writing activities for this week too.

Hi there! Click on the link to storybird and create your own wonderful story!!! I have a class username and password if you would like to see me and record this in your e-learning notebook!..


What an AMAZING ANZAC learning day...Check out the stories on the blog! ode.JPG

Waahoo - You are AMAZING!!!I am loving the stories popping up on the wiki tonight! I am soooo impressed with you wonderful authors!

Congratulations to you all on an amazing assembly performance on Friday. Could you all please write a reflection on the assembly and I will post it on the blog. Assembly reflections

I was online tonight and saw a teacher talking about Tutpup. I wonder if you remember it? It is still a fantastic way to upskill and have fun racing others around the globe. I wonder who will try it out and let me know how they go???Have a fabulous day with Mrs D tomorrow! I am desperately waiting for an email from xtramath - who will it be?

The dragons are loaded to the DRAGON page and await release. Right click on your one and save it to your desktop where you can use the photo in your page to start your dragon adventure...I can't wait to start reading the names and adventures...Maybe you could use captioniser in bighugelabs, or even fotobabble to talk your story onto your dragon photo.... Surprise me...

We have a Science page where I have linked this wonderful site for you to explore!

There is so much to explore and discover on this page. Remember to celebrate new discovery and new learning and make sure you share it!I wonder who will find out and share why we are tagging Monarch butterflies in New Zealand. Remember if we are future focused we think about sustainability and the future of our species. Whoever finds and shares new learning may play a very important role in the development of our learning cycle!

Hi all, what a wonderful class you all are! I am so fortunate to have had a wonderful week with you all. Thank you so much for all your tender loving care! I really appreciate the way we have been able to carry on this week.
EXCITING maths news! I was very excited to tell you about the new basic facts maths groups today! I have made a maths page on the wiki and you can all click on your group page to work on your goal! I can't wait to see the progress you all make!
Hi Room 6, I missed you all today. I didn't think it would be fair to spread my sore throat and germs with you all so I have had a day in bed. I would love to hear about your day. Maybe you could add a comment to the blog or add it here on the wiki!

Have you worked on writing your lyrics for your vision song?Mine is almost ready. How about we share them all on Friday?

I have added a page to our blog where you can listen to stories! There are a great range of stories. I love to relax and listen as a story is read. Please have a listen and let me know what you think of this site. story_bee.JPG

The start of the school yearWhat an amazing start we have made to the school year! Today we celebrated with an opening School Mass.
We had our second awesome Funky Friday! We made amazing Valentine'sDay cards and bookmarks for our families!m_DSC03826.jpg

We had a picnic lunch in our whanau groups then an amazing afternoon of fun games in our whanau groups!

2012 Room 6Welcome to one of our online learning spaces! Have a good look around and get to know this space!
2012 is going to be an amazing year for us. Our learning does not stop just because school is closed for the summer. Our learning carries on everyday of our life. This site is a place for you to share your holiday stories, photos, learning and discoveries! Remember our cyber safety rules. We will create a new set of rules together as a class at the start of the year but in the meantime, remember these simple rules of respect and protect:

  • Respect yourself
  • Protect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Protect others
  • Respect intellectual property
  • Protect intellectual property
I think if you follow the rules of respect and protect you will make good choices.Have a look over the videos in our rules with your family and talk about your online choices. Remember not to include information that will identify you, first and last name, address, phone numbers, date of birth etc.
Please fill out this survey as soon as possible to help us with our planning for 2012. Thanks